Nonprofits must fundraise to maintain and grow their organization. We help them do that. Steve Johnson provides any size nonprofit with an easy, stress-free solution to bringing in donations with his new book — “The 4-Hour Fundraiser” — available now on Amazon,

If you are a nonprofit fundraiser looking to raise more money, then this fundraising how-to book is a must-read. With its bold and comprehensive approach, it will show you effective strategies for selling sponsorships, getting more donors, and bringing in donations. You will learn innovative ways to engage your community, build relationships with potential donors, and leverage technology to amplify your outreach efforts. With actionable tips and real-life examples, this book will equip you with the tools you need to take your fundraising for nonprofit to the next level. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a new fundraiser, the guidance and inspiration you will find in these pages will help you achieve greater success and impact in your work.

The 4-Hour Fundraiser is the ultimate solution for nonprofits that want quick and easy fundraising. It’s easy-peasy! Just dial, smile, and be done! Our simple and proven 2-step system works for all nonprofits, giving you the power to tell your story and show potential sponsors the ROI they’ll get from supporting your projects. No more wasting your time with complicated fundraising strategies. This book takes the stress out of fundraising and makes it fun and effective.

Who can benefit from this book? Everyone who volunteers or works for a nonprofit can benefit from this book and the toolkit we’ve included. It’s perfect for those who struggle with unfamiliar, stressful, and complex fundraising tasks. With our easy-to-follow 2-step process, anyone can become a fundraising superstar!

What sets this book apart? Unlike other nonprofit fundraising books on the market, we don’t overload you with charts, stories, and research. Instead, we provide a streamlined timeline that tells you everything you need to know, including how to motivate yourself and stay focused. With our motivational rants and insider tips, you’ll stay on course and keep your sanity intact.

What’s the value of this book? The value is incredible! You’ll save over $500 in hiring someone to draft your fundraising letter and thousands of dollars in hiring someone to run your fundraiser for you. You’ll also save time and stress by implementing our simple 2-step system. For the price of this book, a little bit of preparation, and just 20 minutes a day, you can start drumming up donations for your nonprofit.

Why did we set up the flow of this book the way we did? We saw other nonprofit fundraisers struggle with painful phone calls, unanswered emails, and overall apprehension. We crafted this book to help you overcome those obstacles and provide a clear path to fundraising success. Our preparation phase will get your mindset right, so you’re confident and ready to tackle any obstacle that comes your way.

Overview of what’s inside: We’ll guide you through the preparation phase, focusing your mindset, breaking out of your comfort zone, and creating momentum so you can get unstuck. Then, we’ll reveal our simple fundraising strategy that you can use right away. Reading this book will inspire you and help you become a fundraising superstar! So, let’s get excited about fundraising!